Welcome to the World of Adriana’s Attic!

Welcome to Adriana’s Attic!

The Official launch date of Adriana’s Attic is February 1st 2019 and we are in the process of writing and adding articles and items for sale.

Even though the site is not technically “live” yet, anything you see in the store will be available for purchase now.

Here at Adriana’s Attic we have had a passion for collecting the eclectic for years. We decided that when we had time we would start a website and share that passion with others of a similar mind.

What we are trying to achieve here really falls into two discrete sections. One will be our blog and the other will be our online store.

Our Blog

Vintage, antique, and modern collectibles will be our main themes for the blog side of our website. We will be sharing our passions and hopefully building a website that will gradually become a useful resource for those who are into collectibles of any sort.

Our interests are really quite eclectic and Adriana’s Attic will reflect that.

Our Online Store

Over the years we have been to so many estate auctions that we have lost count. During that time we have always bought with an eye to stock for Adriana’s Attic. We have a wide selection of goodies to put in the store and hopefully you will find something of interest.

But it won’t just be collectibles on offer. We will be adding all sorts of items that fall outside that range. Everybody likes a deal and there have been times that we have bought bulk lots of  just about anything that we thought would be worth offering here.

Adriana’s Attic is not some big corporate business but a family run website that we hope will be of interest to you.

Stay a while. Browse our store. You never know what you might find!